I Wish I Could Let You Love Me


​still forget,Forgetting any other ​

​way to school.​

​indeed. If that thy ​

​say, "it’s lightning." My love, good night. Our love, which now is ​

​, ​

​And I’ll still stay, to have thee ​schoolboy on his ​Three words, dear Romeo, and good night ​you can even ​websites: ​ROMEO​unhappy as a ​JULIET​like lightning, which disappears before ​Information obtained from ​your company.​beloved, he is as ​JULIET enters.​of promises tonight. It’s too wild, thoughtless, sudden. It’s too much ​ROMEO exits.​much I love ​lover leaves his ​JULIET enters.​in this exchange ​ROMEO exits.​stand there forever, because of how ​his books. But when a ​real.​me joy, I can’t take joy ​my good luck.​I’ll forget it, so you’ll have to ​a schoolboy leaving ​wonderful to be ​Well, don’t swear. Although you bring ​tell him about ​JULIET​as joyfully as ​a dream. It is too ​JULIET​his help and ​love thy company.​toward his beloved ​all this is ​my breast.​my priest's cell, to ask for ​still stand there,Remembering how I ​to leave you. A lover goes ​Oh, blessed, blessed night! Because it’s night, I’m scared that ​as that within ​you tonight. But now I'll go to ​I shall forget, to have thee ​thousand times worse ​


​to thy heart ​sweetly rest with ​JULIET​
​It is a ​to be substantial.​and rest Come ​peace, so I could ​until you remember.​ROMEO​but a dream,Too flattering sweet ​next we meet. Good night, good night! As sweet repose ​were sleep and ​I’ll stand here ​heavy looks.​ O blessèd, blessèd night! I am afeard, Being in night, all this is ​beauteous flower when ​I wish I ​ROMEO​love, toward school with ​ROMEO​love, by summer’s ripening breath, May prove a ​hap to tell.​remember it.​from their books, But love from ​JULIET exits.​"It lightens." Sweet, good night. This bud of ​crave, and my deap ​here till thou ​love as schoolboys ​JULIET exits.​one can say ​sire's close cell,His help to ​Let me stand ​want thy light. Love goes toward ​back.​to be Ere ​to my ghostly ​ROMEO​the worse to ​moment. I’ll come right ​lightning, which doth cease ​rest, Hence will I ​back.​A thousand times ​noise from inside. Dear love, goodbye—Just a second, Nurse!—Sweet Montague, be true. Stay for a ​rash, too unadvised, too sudden, Too like the ​sleep and peace, so sweet to ​I called you ​ROMEO​I hear a ​contract tonight. It is too ​Would I were ​

​until then. I’ve forgotten why ​good night.​

​again.​joy of this ​

​Juliet exits.​

​like twenty years ​

​A thousand times ​

​little. I will come ​

​in thee, I have no ​

​Juliet exits.​I won’t fail. It will feel ​JULIET​noise within. Dear love, adieu.—Anon, good Nurse!—Sweet Montague, be true.Stay but a ​ Well, do not swear. Although I joy ​your heart.​JULIET​good night!​I hear some ​JULIET​feel peace in ​call thee back.​A thousand times ​from offstage.​

​If my heart’s dear love—​

​your eyes, and may you ​why I did ​JULIET​The NURSE calls ​ROMEO​May sleep shut ​till then.I have forgot ​on it—​from offstage.​If my heart’s dear love—​ROMEO​fail. ‘Tis twenty year ​My soul depends ​The NURSE calls ​


​breast.​I will not ​ROMEO​have. Both are infinite.​like an idol, and I’ll believe you.​thine eyes, peace in thy ​JULIET​


​I give you, the more I ​god I worship ​Sleep dwell upon ​Nine o’clock.​So thrive my ​sea. The more love ​magnificent self, which is the ​ROMEO​


​ROMEO​deep as the ​swear, swear by your ​

​it becomes tomorrow.​

​of nine.​messenger tomorrow.​sea, my love as ​

​all. Or, if you must ​

​good night until ​By the hour ​grieve. I’ll send the ​endless as the ​Don’t swear at ​I will say ​ROMEO​leave me to ​you is as ​JULIET​sweet sorrow that ​to you?​win me and ​already. My generosity to ​idolatry, And I’ll believe thee.​kill you. Good night. Good night! Parting is such ​send the messenger ​your efforts to ​something I have ​god of my ​

​much it would ​

​tomorrow should I ​[To ROMEO] to give up ​to you again. But I’m wishing for ​gracious self,Which is the ​pet you so ​At what time ​In a second, I’m coming! ​generously give it ​at all.Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy ​Sweetheart, so do I. But I would ​JULIET​JULIET​In order to ​Do not swear ​JULIET​send to thee?​send.​JULIET​JULIET​it be morrow.​What o’clock tomorrowShall I ​

​grief. Tomorrow will I ​

​infinite.​swear by?​good night till ​JULIET​me to my ​

​have, for both are ​

​What should I ​I shall say ​My little hawk?​strife and leave ​give to thee, The more I ​ROMEO​

​sweet sorrow That ​

​ROMEO​By and by, I come.—To cease thy ​deep. The more I ​swear by?​

​much cherishing. Good night, good night! Parting is such ​

​My nyas?​JULIET​the sea, My love as ​What shall I ​

​kill thee with ​

I Wish I Could Let You Love Me

​ROMEO​[Offstage] Madam!​as boundless as ​ROMEO​Sweet, so would I. Yet I should ​Romeo!​NURSE​have. My bounty is ​being similarly variable.​JULIET​


​[From within] Madam!​the thing I ​to end up ​were your bird.​Romeo!​NURSE​wish but for ​want your love ​I wish I ​


​honorable, I beg you—​thee again. And yet I ​sky each month. I do not ​ROMEO​music to lovers’ ears.​intentions are not ​

​frank, and give it ​

​position in the ​were thy bird.​sound silver-sweet, the most lovely ​[To ROMEO] But if your ​But to be ​

​the moon, the unreliable moon, which changes its ​

​I would I ​out my name. Lovers' voices at night ​

​there! ​

​JULIET​Please don’t swear by ​ROMEO​

​soul that calls ​

​I’ll be right ​your vow? Why, my love?​JULIET​thread.​ It is my ​JULIET​You’d take back ​variable.​

​by a silk ​

​ROMEO​thee—​ROMEO​love prove likewise ​pulling it back ​to attending ears!​mean’st not well,I do beseech ​it? For what purpose, love?​orb,Lest that thy ​

​his hand before ​

​upon my name. How silver-sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night, Like softest music ​I come, anon.—But if thou ​Wouldst thou withdraw ​in her circle ​small distance from ​soul that calls ​JULIET​ROMEO​

​the moon, th’ inconstant moon, That monthly changes ​

​more than a ​It is my ​[Offstage] Madam!​JULIET​O, swear not by ​bird hop any ​ROMEO​NURSE​JULIET​JULIET​not let the ​

​mine by repeating, "My Romeo!"​

​[From within] Madam!​vows of love.​trees—​

​that he will ​

​more hoarse than ​NURSE​

​If we exchanged ​

​of these fruit ​loves the bird ​her voice grew ​world.​ROMEO​silver the tops ​go. The child so ​

​my love’s name until ​

​follow you, my lord, all over the ​for mine.​the sacred moon, which outlines in ​his pet bird ​her call out ​your feet and ​love’s faithful vow ​Lady, I swear by ​child would let ​sleeps and make ​I’ll lay at ​Th’ exchange of thy ​


​than a spoiled ​cave where Echo ​married. All my fortunes ​ROMEO​

​fruit-tree tops—​

I Wish I Could Let You Love Me

​move any further ​tear open the ​we will be ​you have tonight?​silver all these ​

​not let you ​

​be quiet. Otherwise I would ​when and where ​What satisfaction could ​moon I vow,That tips with ​go. Yet I would ​family’s house, I have to ​tell that messenger ​JULIET​Lady, by yonder blessèd ​

​force you to ​

​am in my ​come to you, and you can ​thou have tonight?​ROMEO​It’s almost morning. I want to ​to me. Stuck as I ​messenger who will ​What satisfaction canst ​you discover it.​JULIET​falcon to return ​

​tomorrow. I’ll find a ​

​JULIET​dark night let ​liberty.​

​call my little ​

​marry me, send me word ​so unsatisfied?​you because the ​

​it back again, So loving-jealous of his ​

​like a falconer, so I could ​you want to ​to leave me ​only revealed to ​silken thread plucks ​could cry out ​is honorable and ​Are you going ​when it was ​twisted gyves, And with a ​Psst! Romeo! Psst! Oh, I wish I ​

​night. If your love ​

​ROMEO​falling in love ​prisoner in his ​JULIET​Three words, dear Romeo, and then good ​me so unsatisfied?​for so quickly ​Like a poor ​"My Romeo!"​JULIET​

​O, wilt thou leave ​

​me, and don’t condemn me ​from his hand ​hoarse than mine, With repetition of ​world.​ROMEO​there. So please forgive ​hop a little ​airy tongue more ​lord throughout the ​feel in mine.​knew you were ​wanton’s bird, That lets it ​where Echo lies, And make her ​follow thee my ​rest that I ​you before I ​further than a ​tear the cave ​foot I’ll lay And ​sweet calm and ​my passion for ​thee gone. And yet no ​speak aloud, Else would I ​fortunes at thy ​heart the same ​me talking about ​‘Tis almost morning. I would have ​tassel-gentle back again! Bondage is hoarse, and may not ​perform the rite, And all my ​feel in your ​standoffish, I confess, but you overheard ​JULIET​Hist! Romeo, hist!—Oh, for a falconer’s voice, To lure this ​time thou wilt ​meet. Good night! I hope you ​have acted more ​


​JULIET​Where and what ​next time we ​standoffish. I probably should ​other home but ​leave. JULIET returns, on her balcony.​come to thee ​flower by the ​act coy and ​I have any ​ROMEO starts to ​that I’ll procure to ​into a beautiful ​than girls who ​keep forgetting. I’ll forget that ​leave. JULIET returns, on her balcony.​tomorrow By one ​the summer air ​be more faithful ​And I’ll remain here, even if you ​ROMEO starts to ​be honorable, Thy purpose marriage, send me word ​bud, may blossom in ​flirtatious. But trust me, gentleman, I’ll prove to ​ROMEO​JULIET exits.​bent of love ​like a flower ​too much, which might make ​home but this.​JULIET exits.​overly silly and ​act superior and ​love me, say it in ​trust you. But your swears ​courtship and deny ​blushing about the ​discovered.​overheard’st, ere I was ​true Than those ​woo. But else, not for the ​love, pronounce it faithfully. Or if thou ​me? I know thou ​that which thou ​Thou know’st the mask ​shore across the ​to come and ​with the farthest ​counsel and I ​my my bedroom?​found’st thou out ​the prolonged death ​

​eyes. And if you ​

​love.​love me, let them find ​here.​JULIET​


​relatives with swords. If you just ​me in one ​proof against their ​Alack, there lies more ​will murder thee.​

​do it. Therefore your relatives ​

​can keep love ​ROMEO​out, And what love ​find you here.​are high and ​thee here.​

​are high and ​

​of those things, if you dislike ​ROMEO​I haven't even heard ​a hundred wordsOf ​it written down, I would tear ​who I am ​written, I would tear ​

​thee who I ​

​thoughts?​my counsel?​

​be Romeo.​

​[To JULIET] I take you ​at thy word. Call me but ​

​no connection to ​

​name. So even if ​call a rose ​ceased to be ​Take all myself.​perfection which he ​

​call a rose ​

​hand, nor foot, Nor arm, nor face, nor any other ​JULIET​speak at this?​and I’ll give up ​be Romeo? Deny your father ​not, be but sworn ​


​awe as the ​

​winged messenger from ​


​he bestrides the ​

I Wish I Could Let You Love Me

​heaven Unto the ​ROMEO​the balcony.​on that hand, so I could ​singing, thinking it was ​outshines a lamp. And her eyes ​stars were in ​eyes to twinkle ​most beautiful stars ​knew I loved ​and green, and only fools ​with grief because ​window over there? It is the ​He jokes about ​a glove upon ​sing and think ​

​a lamp. Her eye in ​

​eyes were there, they in her ​fairest stars in ​she were! She speaks, yet she says ​and green, And none but ​with grief, That thou, her maid, art far more ​yonder window breaks? It is the ​ROMEO returns.​way. In truth, beautiful Montague, I like you ​easily, then I’ll frown and ​lovers lie. Oh, noble Romeo, if you really ​will answer "yes," and I will ​proper manners of ​face, or else you’d see me ​night hath so ​been more strange, I must confess, But that thou ​‘havior light. But trust me, gentleman, I’ll prove more ​say thee nay, So thou wilt ​prove false. At lovers’ perjuries, They say, Jove laughs. O gentle Romeo, If thou dost ​I have spoke. But farewell compliment! Dost thou love ​

​my cheek For ​

​JULIET​were on the ​

​Love, which spurred me ​

​vast shore washed ​inquire. He lent me ​how to find ​

​By whose direction ​

​hatred than experience ​me from their ​

​death proroguèd, wanting of thy ​

​their eyes, And but thou ​not see you ​


​to touch me.​twenty of your ​more danger for ​

​sweet,And I am ​

​ROMEO​see thee they ​

​him attempt to ​

​love. No stone wall ​

​to me.​

​cannot hold love ​my family members ​

​here? The orchard walls ​

​my kinsmen find ​hither, tell me, and wherefore? The orchard walls ​

​Beautiful girl, I’ll be neither ​

​of your voice. Aren’t you Romeo, the Montague?​JULIET​not yet drunk ​your enemy. If I had ​to tell you ​to thee. Had I it ​how to tell ​on my private ​night,So stumblest on ​I’ll never again ​ROMEO​I take thee ​

​name—which really has ​

​by some other ​of a name? The thing we ​even if you ​part of thee ​Romeo called, Retain that dear ​name? That which we ​Montague. What’s Montague? It is nor ​to these words?​more, or shall I ​love to me ​Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why must you ​name. Or, if thou wilt ​

​air.​gaze up in ​

​head like a ​air.​

​on him When ​wingèd messenger of ​Oh, my!​JULIET enters on ​

​were a glove ​birds would start ​the stars, just as daylight ​sky and the ​

​business, and begged her ​

​me she speaks. Two of the ​

​love. Oh, I wish she ​

I Wish I Could Let You Love Me

​her look sick ​sick and pale ​that in the ​


​upon her hand. Oh, that I were ​That birds would ​As daylight doth ​till they return. What if her ​me she speaks. Two of the ​

​love. Oh, that she knew ​

​is but sick ​

​sick and pale ​

​felt a wound. But soft! What light through ​ROMEO returns.​never act that ​be won too ​Jove laughs when ​me? I know you ​stick to the ​night masks my ​light love, Which the dark ​strange. I should have ​mayst think my ​be perverse and ​swear’st Thou mayst ​dwell on form. Fain, fain deny What ​maiden blush bepaint ​


​sailor. Still, even if you ​ROMEO​far As that ​prompt me to ​Who told you ​JULIET​killed me in ​night will hide ​their hate Than ​hide me from ​sure they do ​they saw thee ​not be able ​would be from ​Alas, there would be ​their swords. Look thou but ​

​you they’ll murder you.​

​If they do ​

​do, love will make ​

​the wings of ​

​are no stop ​

​did I o’erperch these walls, For stony limits ​you are, if any of ​did you come ​

​art, If any of ​

​How camest thou ​ROMEO​

​recognize the sound ​Romeo, and a Montague?​My ears have ​

​name, dear saint, because it is ​

​I don’t know how ​

​is an enemy ​

​I know not ​

​darkness and eavesdropping ​

​thou that, thus bescreened in ​new name. From now on ​will be Romeo.​ROMEO​be perfect. Romeo, take off your ​

​we called it ​

​body part. Oh, change your name! What’s the significance ​

​is my enemy. You’d be yourself ​name, which is no ​as sweet. So Romeo would, were he not ​name! What’s in a ​my enemy. Thou art thyself, though not a ​longer, or respond now ​

​[Aside] Shall I hear ​

​name, just swear your ​JULIET​

​and refuse thy ​

​sails through the ​their backs to ​

​as an angel, shining above my ​

​bosom of the ​back to gaze ​

​this night, being o’er my head, As is a ​

​JULIET​the balcony.​

​against her hand. I wish I ​

​so brightly that ​cheeks would overwhelm ​were in the ​off on some ​bold. It’s not to ​lady. Oh, it is my ​maid, since she’s jealous. The moon’s virginity makes ​

​jealous moon, which is already ​

​But wait! What light is ​that cheek!​leans her cheek ​stream so bright ​shame those stars ​in their spheres ​bold. ‘Tis not to ​lady. Oh, it is my ​is envious. Her vestal livery ​envious moon, Who is already ​scars that never ​Translation​

​if I am ​

​you’ll woo me. But if that’s not necessary, then I would ​

​think I’m letting myself ​to be false. They say that ​

​to good manners! Do you love ​me say tonight. I would gladly ​

​The darkness of ​

​this yielding to ​coying to be ​fond, And therefore thou ​too quickly won, I’ll frown and ​take thy word. Yet if thou ​speak tonight. Fain would I ​on my face, Else would a ​out to find ​

​love my eyes. I’m not a ​

​for such merchandise.​pilot. Yet, wert thou as ​By love, that first did ​JULIET​your love.​find me. I’d rather they ​The darkness of ​better ended by ​I have night’s cloak to ​world to make ​for the world ​with love, their hatred would ​you than there ​ROMEO​eyeThan twenty of ​If they see ​JULIET​

​in love can ​

​these walls on ​attempt. Therefore thy kinsmen ​With love’s light wings ​mean your death, because of who ​

​How and why ​

I Wish I Could Let You Love Me

​death, considering who thou ​JULIET​dislike.​hundred words yet, but I do ​the sound. Art thou not ​


​name. I hate my ​


​myself Because it ​

​ By a name ​

​Who are you, hiding in the ​

​What man art ​

​me your love, I’ll take a ​

​baptized.Henceforth I never ​

​of me instead.​other name, he would still ​

​sweet even if ​

​hand, foot, arm, face, or any other ​Only your name ​title. Romeo, doff thy name, And for that ​word would smell ​

​a man. O, be some other ​

​name that is ​[To himself] Should I listen ​


​your name. Or, if you won’t change your ​

​be a Capulet.​

​Romeo? Deny thy father ​the clouds and ​mortals fall onto ​are as glorious ​sails upon the ​

​mortals that fall ​

​As glorious to ​Ay me!​JULIET enters on ​leans her cheek ​sky would shine ​

​brightness of her ​

​until they return. If her eyes ​had to go ​speaking. I’ll respond—no, I am too ​

​their virginity. Throw it off. It is my ​

​than she is. Don’t be her ​the sun. Rise, beautiful sun, and kill the ​

​he’s never felt.​

​I might touch ​night. See how she ​the airy region ​

​her cheek would ​

​eyes To twinkle ​it.— I am too ​it. Cast it off! It is my ​maid since she ​

​the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the ​

​He jests at ​Original​it seem as ​

​unapproachable so that ​

​truth. Or if you ​may turn out ​everything I said. But, instead: I'll say goodbye ​things you heard ​JULIET​

​‘ware, My true love’s passion. Therefore pardon me, And not impute ​

​that have more ​world. In truth, fair Montague, I am too ​think’st I am ​wilt say "ay," And I will ​hast heard me ​of night is ​farthest sea, I would set ​find you. Love advised me, while I lent ​sea, I would adventure ​lent him eyes. I am no ​ROMEO​this place?​

​of life without ​

​don’t love me, then let them ​ROMEO​me here. My life were ​ROMEO​ I’d give the ​I would not ​look at me ​angry look from ​enmity.​peril in thine ​JULIET​can’t stop me.​out. Whatever a man ​I flew over ​can do, that dares love ​ROMEO​difficult to climb. And it will ​JULIET​hard to climb, And the place ​


​Neither, fair maid, if either thee ​you say a ​

​that tongue’s uttering, yet I know ​

​up the word.​by using a ​

​the word.​

​am. My name, dear saint, is hateful to ​ROMEO​JULIET​JULIET​at your word. If you call ​love, and I’ll be new ​who you are—and take all ​

​Romeo had some ​

​would smell as ​a Montague. What’s a Montague, after all? It’s not a ​JULIET​owes Without that ​By any other ​part Belonging to ​‘Tis but thy ​ROMEO​

​being a Capulet.​

​and give up ​my love, And I’ll no longer ​O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou ​

​angel strides across ​

​heaven; one who makes ​[To himself] She speaks. Speak again, bright angel. For tonight you ​lazy-puffing clouds And ​white, upturnèd, wondering eyes Of ​

​[Aside] She speaks. O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art ​


​touch her cheek.​day. Look how she ​in the night ​her head the ​in their place ​in the sky ​her. She’s talking, but isn’t saying anything. Why is that? Her eyes are ​

​hold on to ​Juliet, her maid, is more beautiful ​east, and Juliet is ​scars from wounds ​that hand That ​it were not ​heaven Would through ​head? The brightness of ​all the heaven, Having some business, do entreat her ​

​nothing. What of that? Her eye discourses. I will answer ​

​fools do wear ​

​fair than she. Be not her ​east, and Juliet is ​
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