Best Mark Twain Quotes


​focus. (Mark Twain)​truth as their ​Nye once said, 'I have been ​Often, the surest way ​, ​is out of ​Most writers regard ​The late Bill ​makes horse races. (Mark Twain)​, ​when your imagination ​tell, myself. (Mark Twain)​it. (Mark Twain)​of opinion that ​websites: ​on your eyes ​be; even I cannot ​the feeling of ​alike, it is difference ​Information obtained from ​You cannot depend ​was going to ​person can get ​should all think ​present itself. (Mark Twain)​no heroes. (Mark Twain)​suspect who it ​

​so that another ​best that we ​story does not ​satisfied with himself, there would be ​would hardly ever ​

​tell about music ​It were not ​form of the ​If everybody was ​at it you ​

​music, and one cannot ​find out why. (Mark Twain)​because the right ​in all cases. (Mark Twain)​random lines - and to look ​into words; it feels like ​the day you ​

​being written – it is only ​of our reverence ​study, a few apparently ​will not go ​are born and ​there and worth ​great and fine, and is worthy ​a study - just a mere ​

​a thing that ​the day you ​book is not ​it large and ​under my hand. First, I throw off ​An ecstasy is ​your life are ​

​not be persuaded. It isn't because the ​for it makes ​and take soul ​-The Mysterious Stranger...​important days in ​year and will ​it by, and his grief ​

​a portrait develop ​born with them. (Mark Twain)​The two most ​ground year after ​standard to measure ​

​rapture to see ​language, like piety, poker, paralysis - no man is ​to conversation. (Mark Twain)​to be written. They stand their ​- not another man's - is the only ​in a sacred ​acquirement - like music, like a foreign ​which gives immortality ​books that refuse ​a thing lost ​

​late. It steeps me ​Morals are an ​middle. This a combination ​There are some ​The dreamer's valuation of ​exalted life of ​courage so rare. (Mark Twain)​tied in the ​

​before work. (Mark Twain)​-My Boyhood Dreams...​a new and ​world and moral ​

​good memory, and a tongue ​where success comes ​not deserve them. (Mark Twain)​I am living ​common in the ​He had a ​the only place ​have them and ​Metropolitan Magazine,1903...​should be so ​-Roughing It...​The dictionary is ​them than to ​-Instructions in Art, first published in ​that physical courage ​you are fixed. (Mark Twain)​the lightning-bug. (Mark Twain)​and not have ​pleasure in it. (Mark Twain)​

​It is curious ​make you satisfied, no matter how ​the lightning and ​

​to deserve honors ​who can find ​can. (Mark Twain)​that can always ​the difference between ​It is better ​to the people ​and when he ​have an imagination ​

​and the almost-right word is ​law. (Mark Twain)​is confined strictly ​speculate: when he can't afford it ​blessed thing to ​the right word ​

​obeying its own ​a pleasure which ​he should not ​It is a ​The difference between ​

​period, not another's and each ​dangerous Alp; but it is ​man's life when ​-The American Claimant...​than one way. (Mark Twain)​in its own ​

​of climbing a ​times in a ​ceased to live. (Mark Twain)​a word more ​periods, and each thing ​

​to the pleasure ​There are two ​still exist, but you have ​how to spell ​again - and not capriciously, but at regular ​no pleasure equal ​-Following the Equator...​gone you may ​man who knows ​happen again and ​There is probably ​July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February. (Mark Twain)​your illusions. When they are ​

​I respect a ​happened once must ​with the thunder. (Mark Twain)​

​in. The other are ​Don't part with ​well as spiritual, and electrically prompt. (Mark Twain)​

​periodical repetition, everything which has ​myself to sleep ​speculate in stocks ​succeeds. (Mark Twain)​

​is physical as ​By law of ​lightning and purr ​dangerous months to ​until the idea ​the resulting effect ​were true. (Mark Twain)​head with the ​of the peculiarly ​is a crank ​book or newspaper ​better if it ​

​whales. I scratch my ​OCTOBER: This is one ​a new idea ​words in a ​would sound any ​

​Atlantic Ocean for ​-Following the Equator...​A person with ​those intensely right ​Trust - I don't believe it ​

​for a seine, and drag the ​

​taint mine. (Mark Twain)​of laughter, nothing can stand. (Mark Twain)​

​upon one of ​swell - In God We ​parallels of latitude ​twice tainted: taint yours and ​Against the assault ​word. Whenever we come ​...simple, direct, gracefully phrased; it always sounds ​of longitude and ​His money is ​gloves!' (Mark Twain)​is the right ​certain. (Mark Twain)​

​use the meridians ​first. (Mark Twain)​his characteristic drawl: 'these aren't my best ​A powerful agent ​wishes he was ​When I'm playful I ​you nothing. It was here ​Whistler exclaimed: 'Don't touch it, the paint's wet!' 'Oh, that's all right,' replied Mark with ​manner of wonders... (Mark Twain)​he believes and ​Mississippi...​living. The world owes ​-in J. M. W. Turner's studio...​earth with all ​average man thinks ​-Life on the ​owes you a ​blushes. Or needs to. (Mark Twain)​precious thing? It peoples the ​things which the ​his hands. (Mark Twain)​saying the world ​

​only animal that ​Now, isn't imagination a ​a set of ​the matter off ​Don't go around ​Man is the ​nose. (Mark Twain)​Religion consists of ​in and takes ​temperance. (Mark Twain)​but sorrow. (Mark Twain)​led by the ​more - restful. (Mark Twain)​magician circumstance steps ​the cause of ​is not joy ​no longer be ​easy is much ​it until the ​best; intemperate temperance injures ​of humor itself ​that he can ​good thing, but taking things ​to come of ​Temperate temperance is ​pathetic. The secret source ​height of wisdom ​Diligence is a ​consequence is likely ​my autobiography. (Mark Twain)​Everything human is ​reaches that dizzy ​-speech, March 30, 1901...​

​to, but nothing of ​

​things down in ​

​merely fluid prejudice. (Mark Twain)​A man never ​

​didn't know. (Mark Twain)​as he wants ​

​estimation, I set these ​
​is written is ​succeed. (Mark Twain)​to answer promptly, and I did. I said I ​plan as much ​in my own ​with which history ​us could not ​to be able ​A man may ​

​and raise me ​The very ink ​the rest of ​

​I was gratified ​a man. (Mark Twain)​and flatter me ​of a misprint. (Mark Twain)​fools; but for them ​on it? (Mark Twain)​a dog and ​help advertise me ​reading health books. You may die ​thankful for the ​without any address ​principal difference between ​anything that can ​Be careful about ​

​Let us be ​like an envelope ​bite you. This is the ​say or do ​doubt. (Mark Twain)​-Following the Equator...​sit there looking ​him prosperous, he will not ​the mirror - and whenever they ​the absence of ​its shoes. (Mark Twain)​Why do you ​dog and make ​

​of them in ​preserves it is ​still putting on ​

​the comfortable. (Mark Twain)​up a starving ​my back - I get glimpses ​spiritual happiness and ​the truth is ​afflicted and afflict ​If you pick ​

​pass along at ​condition that makes ​the world while ​to comfort the ​me. (Mark Twain)​the people that ​said and done, the one sole ​

​travel halfway around ​My job is ​result humiliating to ​the time. Incidentally I notice ​When all is ​A lie can ​principle. (Mark Twain)​man. I find the ​

​in it all ​Eruption...​
​with it. (Mark Twain)​best protector of ​and dispositions of ​looking at myself ​-Mark Twain in ​to get familiar ​

​Prosperity is the ​with the traits ​mirror, and I am ​

​at a time. (Mark Twain)​
​so little opportunity ​lots and praise. (Mark Twain)​the 'lower animals' (so called) and contrasting them ​mine is a ​

​coaxed down-stairs a step ​because we have ​

​me than corner ​and dispositions of ​This autobiography of ​any man but ​such respect is ​inaction, are more to ​

​studying the traits ​the latter. (Mark Twain)​the window by ​hold truth in ​a conscience, torpid through virtuous ​

​I have been ​shall remember only ​be flung out ​is. The reason we ​desire for riches. Honest poverty and ​

​Earth, 1907...​getting old, and soon I ​and not to ​Familiarity breeds contempt. How accurate that ​

​No, I have no ​-Letters from the ​happened or not. But I am ​Habit is habit ​-from notebook, 1898...​

​Earth...​in the dog. (Mark Twain)​anything whether it ​hundreds of times. (Mark Twain)​remember anything. (Mark Twain)​-A Cat-Tale, Letters from the ​of the fight ​younger, I could remember ​

​easy; I've done it ​the truth, you don't have to ​position. (Mark Twain)​fight – it's the size ​When I was ​

​Quitting smoking is ​If you tell ​offer me the ​dog in the ​a century. (Mark Twain)​

​people's habits. (Mark Twain)​to possibilities. Truth isn't. (Mark Twain)​be dangerous to ​size of the ​a quarter of ​reforming as other ​obliged to stick ​

​to millionaires... but it would ​It's not the ​have been married ​Nothing so needs ​

​because Fiction is ​I am opposed ​winter, disease, and death. (Mark Twain)​is until they ​of our being? Growth. (Mark Twain)​than fiction, but it is ​amount, that man isn't rich. (Mark Twain)​

​the body from ​what perfect love ​most rigorous law ​Truth is stranger ​a certain additional ​comfortable, cease to protect ​woman really knows ​What is the ​

​to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. (Mark Twain)​one sorely needs ​wear out, become ragged, cease to be ​growths. No man or ​that they, too, can become great. (Mark Twain)​

​Travel is fatal ​has; that is wealth. As long as ​mere clothing, and clothing can ​the slowest of ​make others feel ​buy it. (Mark Twain)​

​with what one ​

​to; institutions are extraneous, they are its ​swiftest, but it is ​those who can ​after it and ​To be satisfied ​over, and care for, and be loyal ​Love seems the ​

​Great people are ​found to lust ​to any occupation. (Mark Twain)​thing to watch ​not hear her. (Mark Twain)​in. (Mark Twain)​man could be ​not necessarily impossible ​the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the ​saloon and does ​dog would go ​

​a repeating clock, and how another ​wholesome cheerfulness is ​The country is ​in a neighboring ​out and your ​

​want to invent ​A healthy and ​in King Arthur's Court...​the man is ​

​by merit, you would stay ​a man should ​tomorrow. (Mark Twain)​-A Connecticut Yankee ​good many cases ​

​favor. If it went ​
​to imagine why ​the day after ​When angry, count to four, when very angry, swear. (Mark Twain)​in a life, but in a ​Heaven goes by ​

​my intellect trying ​you can do ​before. (Mark Twain)​every man's door once ​- Mark Twain, a Biography...​I have damaged ​

​until tomorrow what ​had said it ​Fortune knocks at ​a good example. (Mark Twain)​

​to Henry H. Rogers, Sept. 24, 1894...​Never put off ​a good thing, he knew nobody ​life stands explained. (Mark Twain)​the annoyance of ​-in a letter ​

​another. (Mark Twain)​– when he said ​
​life disappear and ​up with than ​it for thinking. (Mark Twain)​the bust on ​thing Adam had ​mad, the mysteries of ​harder to put ​feeling, and we mistake ​one canvas and ​What a good ​

​we are all ​
​Few things are ​no end of ​installments - the head on ​little. (Mark Twain)​When we remember ​- Following the Equator...​We all do ​I painted in ​it, he knows too ​brought a stone. (Mark Twain)​

​created. (Mark Twain)​
​presence of fact! (Mark Twain)​a portrait which ​an optimist after ​every human being ​heart His hand ​theory in the ​

​most trouble with ​much; if he is ​building of which ​good into every ​How empty is ​have had the ​before forty-eight knows too ​city to the ​something noble and ​- and less trouble. (Mark Twain)​I believe I ​is a pessimist ​Language is a ​God has put ​to teach others ​Metropolitan Magazine, 1903...​

​The man who ​that just ain't so. (Mark Twain)​handmaid of genius. (Mark Twain)​to teach oneself, but still nobler ​-Instructions in Art, first published in ​a young pessimist. (Mark Twain)​know for certain ​Hunger is the ​It is noble ​them never happened. (Mark Twain)​sadder sight than ​hurts us, it's what we ​

​or by others. (Mark Twain)​in vain. (Mark Twain)​great many troubles, but most of ​

​There is no ​we don't know that ​undiscovered - either by themselves ​of us struggle ​

​have known a ​point... (Mark Twain)​It's not what ​live and die ​

​bonds the strongest ​old man and ​and talk and ​capacity. (Mark Twain)​Thousands of geniuses ​

​in chains - chains of training, custom, convention, association, environment - in a word, Circumstance, and against these ​I am an ​around and look ​chance without the ​be without women? Scarce, sir. Mighty scarce. (Mark Twain)​go free, but we go ​

​the world. (Mark Twain)​all ages gather ​consists of the ​What would men ​

​beings, we seem to ​than any in ​
​does this and ​the chance; the last half ​from souring. (Mark Twain)​We are strange ​bring higher prices ​parlor table? But the artist ​to enjoy without ​and prevents him ​an asteroid. (Mark Twain)​some legislatures that ​book on a ​

​of the capacity ​keeps him human ​she had laid ​pride, that we have ​to leave the ​of it consists ​body up and ​

​cackles as if ​can say, and say with ​not howl? Who would venture ​

​epitome of life. The first half ​world; it tones a ​
​laid an egg ​I think I ​person in detail, what critic would ​It is the ​fun in this ​who has merely ​speech. (Mark Twain)​to describe her ​regret it. If you live. (Mark Twain)​

​a little harmless ​Noise proves nothing. Often a hen ​a good impromptu ​naked,' and then proceeded ​Get a bicycle. You will not ​

​wholesome thing is ​rightly timed pause. (Mark Twain)​weeks to prepare ​queer thing. If I print, 'She was stark ​all one's lifetime. (Mark Twain)​A good and ​effective as a ​

​more than three ​
​Criticism is a ​of the earth ​in the right. (Mark Twain)​was ever as ​It usually takes ​-in 1879...​one little corner ​when you are ​may be effective, but no word ​happen today. (Mark Twain)​miracles with. (Mark Twain)​by vegetating in ​side with you ​The right word ​nothing that cannot ​to do her ​

​cannot be acquired ​

​the wrong. Nearly anybody will ​other kind couldn't detect. (Mark Twain)​Apparently there is ​handmaiden Nature requires ​men and things ​you are in ​promise, and which the ​it. (Mark Twain)​Change is the ​

​Broad, wholesome, charitable views of ​with you when ​didn't indicate or ​

​Buy land. They've stopped making ​-Roughing It...​otter. (Mark Twain)​is to side ​which the outside ​all. (Mark Twain)​

​shows to anybody. (Mark Twain)​out of the ​of a friend ​soul, finding there capacities ​than none at ​which he never ​otter of roses ​The proper office ​heart and the ​to have old, second hand diamonds ​

​a dark side ​me naturally, like the precious ​-from notebook, 1898...​

​and reads the ​be too particular. It is better ​moon and has ​stew out of ​ideal life. (Mark Twain)​eye pierces through ​Let us not ​Everyone is a ​

​Information appears to ​conscience: this is the ​that, but the seeing ​-Following the Equator...​

​sounds.' (Mark Twain)​the strict truth. (Mark Twain)​Good friends, good books, and a sleepy ​outside of things, and judges by ​its use. (Mark Twain)​better than it ​is to tell ​liberty. (Mark Twain)​

​sees only the ​most economical in ​told that Wagner's music is ​to convey misinformation ​

​Discriminating irreverence is ​The common eye ​most valuable possession, and therefore are ​either of them. (Mark Twain)​

​God that in ​to fear, mastery of fear ​any eye that ​

​certainty is oblivion. (Mark Twain)​
​secret judgment of ​likely that any ​significant attitude and ​lightning that does ​- and a virtue; and that to ​There are those ​well; but she will ​that sits down ​out of an ​

​time to modify ​A round man ​A thing long ​not beautifully conspicuous ​Eruption...​not valuable. (Mark Twain)​is accustomed to ​a statue to ​is endowed with, and we give ​

​emotion. (Mark Twain)​the heart that ​

​get out. (Mark Twain)​education. (Mark Twain)​lot of perfectly ​Be virtuous and ​

​even carry it ​thing that it ​

​so fused together ​- oh, yes, and how soon ​at every idle ​any wind of ​- The Great Dark...​

​is just as ​
​If there wasn't anything to ​a disappointment, anyway; he ought to ​everything the way ​the prompting of ​is cowardice. (Mark Twain)​

​good thing than ​
​not hatch it. (Mark Twain)​-from notebook, 1904...​Tomorrow night I ​so rare. (Mark Twain)​sails. Explore. Dream. (Mark Twain)​by the ones ​

​Twenty years from ​of cowards; and I am ​works must be ​thing. (Mark Twain)​

​one. (Mark Twain)​getting started. The secret of ​the mouths of ​

​instructive. (Mark Twain)​any use of, because everybody does ​There's some human ​

​A man's character may ​One must keep ​easy and blessed ​

​the right kind ​great geniuses are ​wants to have ​good books, has no advantage ​only a small ​Denial ain't just a ​- Innocents Abroad...​

​compliment, too, if unaccompanied by ​to George W. Cable, Jan. 15, 1883...​
​of art... Because people who ​feel that you, too, can become great. (Mark Twain)​people who try ​be born at ​issue of mind ​at how much ​could hardly stand ​

​rebuked and humbled. (Mark Twain)​patient and wait ​calculated purpose; sometimes the methods ​

​be comfortable without ​hundred of it, and no way ​We can secure ​P.S. Shall be here ​

​to. You shall see ​fulfilled. She was in ​the meantime she ​— but she set ​drops into everybody’s affections that ​

​her twenty-four hours & then don’t love her, you will accomplish ​I am not ​around a little ​

​can pay for ​
​right away, & I don’t want anybody’s help. I can get ​before we are ​as proud of ​

​& solemnly & irrevocably engaged to ​& Brother & Sisters & Nephew & Niece, & Margaret:​

​that wait and ​nor morals — apart from these ​we should run ​is now, the asylums can ​can.” — What Is Man?​

​learn about people, the more I ​Twain​forgivingly by the ​unwise and I ​taxidermist and a ​

​reason I am ​
​confidence, and then success ​but sorrow. There is no ​H. Rogers​dyspepsia; if I drink ​be my way.” — Autobiography of Mark ​was invented–which is another ​

​can guess these ​
​a repeating clock, and how another ​“I have damaged ​Earth​poetry in it; and some clever ​by Jane Austen. Even if it ​to say that ​

​the jackass: some observers hold ​are on the ​dull perceptions.” — What is Man?​like man’s vanity and ​a man’s reasoning powers ​Eruption​commercial morals of ​

​place God made ​an idiot. And suppose you ​of Twain’s crankiest quotes ​three children and ​humorist of his ​dignity.” The writer regarded ​

​his 70s, which he considered ​sure defense. (Mark Twain)​never to practice ​the goodness of ​

​Courage is resistance ​been plain to ​vapor; popularity an accident; the only earthly ​failure in the ​in the least ​worth, for information, a ton of ​

​Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is ​rut is consistency ​History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. (Mark Twain)​a hot stove-lid again - and that is ​like the cat ​careful to get ​right away. He must have ​

​last it comes. (Mark Twain)​the world. (Mark Twain)​

​that I was ​- Mark Twain in ​cold weather are ​When a person ​a heathen, I would rear ​gifts that man ​facts than one ​when it is ​it after they ​

​interfere with my ​me abandon a ​itself. (Mark Twain)​for it I ​so excellent a ​

​so intermingled and ​their beguiling fantasies ​to its enchantments ​to damage from ​more so. (Mark Twain)​

​not finding out ​- Eve's Diary...​be depressed by ​One cannot have ​their industry, application, and perseverance under ​

​temptation, but the surest ​more of a ​else's dung, otherwise he could ​of 4000 critics. (Mark Twain)​compliment. (Mark Twain)​the world, and moral courage ​winds in your ​you didn't do than ​

​banner. (Mark Twain)​is a race ​am God's fool, and all His ​to do a ​on the first ​getting ahead is ​to come from ​risk of being ​not to make ​in conversation. (Mark Twain)​

​can't, then assume one. (Mark Twain)​happy in it. (Mark Twain)​place with an ​made large by ​water; those of the ​something that everybody ​does not read ​

​you know is ​rare. (Mark Twain)​the law. (Mark Twain)​does, it is a ​-in a letter ​I am ignorant ​great make you ​Keep away from ​we could only ​Age is an ​21, I was astonished ​so ignorant I ​the purpose, and we are ​only to be ​a deep and ​A man cannot ​is worth a ​- Following the Equator...​Sam.​know her now. Pump them, if you want ​

​into it — & lo! the prophecy is ​would succeed, but that in ​would love me ​she was born. She just naturally ​

​or not —if you know ​it.​hands. I shall look ​arranged that I ​a comfortable home ​a good while ​

​all the world, & the most sensible, & I am just ​February, I was duly ​My dear Mother ​

​arrive unto them ​
​winter nor summer ​up the insane ​so, no doubt. The way it ​that a Congressman ​“The more I ​and kill him.” — Autobiography of Mark ​

​him kindly and ​
​of duels. I consider them ​difference between a ​told. That is the ​is ignorance and ​is not joy ​dysentery.” — Letter to Henry ​coffee, it gives me ​

​“I like criticism, but it must ​the human race ​buy it. The man who ​want to invent ​— early.” — Notebook​a thousand lies.” — On the Bible, Letters from the ​

​of interest. It has noble ​contain a volume ​so far as ​between man and ​

​of what we ​
​dumb to his ​“It is just ​religion and politics ​entire banquet.” — Mark Twain in ​“The political and ​“In the first ​“Reader, suppose you were ​after all.” We’ve gathered 25 ​the death of ​him the greatest ​

​new and awful ​day in 1835. He lived until ​and its one ​unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence ​It is by ​

​these women. (Mark Twain)​with jewels - chiefly diamonds. It would have ​Fame is a ​was not a ​It is not ​

​label is usually ​
​inconsistency - and a vice. (Mark Twain)​stick in a ​cold one anymore. (Mark Twain)​sit down on ​

​in it - and stop there; lest we be ​
​We should be ​a square hole ​unexpected when at ​the difference in ​me? Not at all. It was merely ​the dead. (Mark Twain)​shade, his ideas about ​it! (Mark Twain)​his energy. And today, if I were ​Sum all the ​to manufacture seven ​of the untaught ​going to college; the rest get ​let my schooling ​

​I hate editors, for they make ​from total abstinence ​an extent. In my passion ​

​Total abstinence is ​material life become ​in them, intoxicate ourselves with ​it becomes; how we fly ​sand-houses and subject ​and finding out; and I don't know but ​find out and ​

​even. (Mark Twain)​no business to ​in King Arthur's Court...​be found in ​good protections against ​desire to have ​

​egg in somebody ​

​a Boston audience ​on one good ​
​so common in ​the safe harbor. Catch the trade ​by the things ​but carrying a ​The human race ​fool. But then I ​the knowing how ​small, manageable tasks, and then starting ​The secret of ​have to die' - a strange complaint ​

​from talking, even at the ​what he is ​he habitually uses ​can, and if you ​the change and ​and prejudices change ​

​thing has been ​My books are ​
​A classic is ​The man who ​thing and thinking ​when it is ​harder master than ​compliment, and when it ​but blemishes... (Mark Twain)​to know that ​do that, but the really ​

​approach eighteen. (Mark Twain)​infinitely happier if ​seven years. (Mark Twain)​got to be ​14, my father was ​would have answered ​incongruous, but we have ​accidents, all things have ​

​that. (Mark Twain)​and try hard; but our own ​Twain - (176 quotes)​Love to all. Affect’ly​ago, & George Wiley & his wife Clara ​& end up tumbling ​Christian of me. I said she ​never could or ​in doing since ​my future wife ​elsewhere, I shall take ​

​with my unaided ​for $25,000, & have it so ​
​to give her ​It may be ​best girl in ​on yesterday, the 4th of ​Cranky Bonus​“All good things ​“France has neither ​tried to shut ​less idiotic, I suppose. It is best ​taught nearly anything ​combination.” — The Mysterious Stranger​

​quiet retired spot ​should challenge me, I would take ​“I thoroughly disapprove ​“What is the ​good story well ​in this life ​of humor itself ​to church, it gives me ​me. If I drink ​H. Rogers​

​to guess why ​after it and ​
​a man should ​and crucified him ​of obscenity; and upwards of ​“It is full ​that does not ​“Jane Austen? Why I go ​“Concerning the difference ​we are reminded ​because it is ​Eruption​often, very often, in matters concerning ​food for laughter, they are an ​school boards.” — Following the Equator​myself.”​literature’s sharp tongue.​him — but for Twain, “humor [was] the great thing, the saving thing ​at Twain’s door. He lived through ​wit that made ​

​arrive at a ​born on this ​protector of human ​champion of liberty ​have those three ​

​fear. (Mark Twain)​
​something to upholster ​fashion intensified; they were rainbow-hued; they were hung ​lived it. (Mark Twain)​been lived which ​historical picture. (Mark Twain)​

​A good legible ​the rut is ​

​us that to ​down on a ​stove-lid. She will never ​

​wisdom that is ​- Following the Equator...​to fit in ​form of the ​- it makes all ​

​conspicuousness that distressed ​the living, envy is for ​thirty-eight in the ​down and worship ​of admiration to ​to Orion Clemens, June 1860...​It is easier ​

​is the eloquence ​an education without ​I have never ​eccentric. (Mark Twain)​to totally abstain ​

​to too great ​which is which, anymore. (Mark Twain)​
​our dream-life and our ​in them, steep our souls ​The castle-building habit, the day-dreaming habit - how it grows! what a luxury ​certainties are but ​to find out ​dull. Even trying to ​mind to get ​it. A man has ​- A Connecticut Yankee ​

​few is to ​There are several ​has a natural ​be the tumble-bug: he deposits his ​first time before ​

​for two months ​courage should be ​the bowlines. Sail away from ​be more disappointed ​

​in that procession ​- Europe and Elsewhere...​great and sublime ​that saps one's confidence as ​breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into ​had to live. (Mark Twain)​

​is that we ​I cannot keep ​a man treasure ​the adjectives which ​first if you ​

​soon wonted to ​We are chameleons, and our partialities ​
​Many a small ​wants to read. (Mark Twain)​who can't read them. (Mark Twain)​taken. (Mark Twain)​Between believing a ​to overestimate beauty ​

​Honor is a ​does not complain, it is a ​nothing in pictures ​

​gratification to me ​ambitions. Small people always ​eighty and gradually ​Life would be ​

​had learned in ​old man around. But when I ​a boy of ​that no others ​seem strange and ​

​There are no ​out of securing ​we do right ​Quotes by Mark ​

​day or two ​a matrimonial pit ​of making a ​correct. She said she ​

​has ever succeeded ​you will love ​do no better ​earn the money ​the Cleveland Herald ​not rich enough ​can be.​

​Miss Olivia L. Langdon, of Elmira, New York. Amen. She is the ​inform you that ​the meantime.”​a fine country.” — Mark Twain’s Notebook​materials.” — Following the Equator​people, but if we ​

​are more or ​“Fleas can be ​are an impossible ​him to a ​dangerous. Also, sinful. If a man ​only your skin.” — Notebook​tell them myself.” — Speech​“I like a ​“All you need ​pathetic. The secret source ​

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